Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    A Material Development Framework for Persian Reading Content Based on the Textual Features of Shahnameh Ferdowsi    Ph.D    ghazanfari moghadam, salehe    2018-11-11
2    a comparative study in death mythology    M.Sc.    ghayebolaghi, M M    2018-06-27
3    Recalling epics and myths in the Persian novel as social action (time period under study: 1370-1390/1991-2011)    Ph.D    Nikkhah Fardaghi, Azam    2018-05-13
4    The study of Sources in same Stories of comprehensive Narrative Scrolls and Ferdowsi’s Shahname.    Ph.D    Arzhangi, Kamran    2018-05-13
5    Criterion Literary Genre    Ph.D    alihouri, mahboubeh    2018-04-22
6    Representation of Iranian Identity in Historical epic poems of the Ilkhani era    Ph.D    goharikakhki, mahshid    2018-04-08
7    Political thought in Farabi’s utopia and Ferdowsi’s Shahname: a comparative study    Ph.D    bina, yusof    2017-10-15
8    Genealogy epistle in the Qajar period    Ph.D    momeni, sorayya    2017-10-09
9    The archaeology of textual criticism of Shahnameh    Ph.D    noorsobhi, ali    2017-09-11
10    Correction of the anthology Maj. mu. e- ye. La. ti. yef. va ne- ye. zara. yef and study about it.    Ph.D    shahmoradi, omid    2017-07-02
11    Correction of The Majalis al-ushshaq (The Assemblies of Lovers) and Study about it.    Ph.D    YEILAGHI, MEHDI    2017-06-18
12    Construction and validation of a Task-Based Proficiency Test in Persian Language    Ph.D    roodmajani, mohsen    2017-06-11
13    “The transformation path of Mokhtar s narratives from historic sources to epic poetries” (Mokhtar Nameh)    Ph.D    Rastegar, Roya    2017-03-14
14    An Investigation of Oral Tradition in Iranian Narrative Tumars and Poetic Epics A Case Study of Shahname, Borzu Name, and Shahryar Name    Ph.D    barati, Ali reza    2017-03-12
15    An analysis of linguistic characteristics of the Quranic interlinear translations (from the beginning of the 4th century A.H. to the middle of the 6th century A.H.    Ph.D    Ghandehari, Soudabeh    2017-03-05
16    Typology of Women’s Writings in Press during the Constitutional Movement and Pahlavi I in Iran    Ph.D    TABATABAEI VAEZ, BOSHRA SADAT    2017-02-19
17    Investigatation of “dream report” subgenre in qajar era    M.Sc.    yosefiye, zahra    2016-10-23
18    Research about Literary Center of Herat based on Critical Correction of Fakhri Heravi’s Latayef-Nameh    Ph.D    Bidaki, Hadi    2016-10-23
19    Articlelogy descriptive critical Ferdowsi and Shahname of 2001 to 2006    Ph.D    saadatifar, zahra    2016-10-23
20    The intertextual Aanalysis of Shahnameh and The Historical texts from the 5th to mid 8th Century AD on the basis of Gerard Genette’s Transtextuality    Ph.D    mohamadzadeh, fereshteh    2016-04-12
21    stydy of evolution of Gajarian itineraries , their role in formation of Persian roman    Ph.D    haghighi, farzam    2016-04-12
22    poetic study of folk poetry fkhorasan razavi including of towns torbatjam.taybad.salehabad.bakharz and khaf    Ph.D    bahrampoor hasan abadi, qolamreza    2016-01-27
23    Critical edition of Zād-i ākhirat    M.Sc.    gazi mareshk, malihe    2016-01-14
24    A Post-Jungian Analysis of the Heroine Archetype in Iranian Folktales Based on Estes,s Patterns    Ph.D    esmalipur, maryam    2016-01-13
25    A Comparative Stylistic Study of Stories of Tarikh-e-Beyhghi and Their Origins in Arabic Sourses    M.Sc.    Saadatmand, Metanat    2015-09-27
26    the edition of meshat-al-masabih and research on it    Ph.D    haghparast, amin    2015-01-27
27    Analysis and Study of Celebrations and Commemorations of contemporary literary figures (Books to the end of summer 2014)    M.Sc.    Safarian bana, Behnoush    2014-11-12
28    Collection and Poetic Analysis of Dari,Afghanistan lalloes (lullabies)    M.Sc.    Rezaei, Ali    2014-10-08
29    Sokhan magazine`s Theorical basics about contemperary poetry    M.Sc.    mehraban moghadam, najmeh    2014-02-20
30    Analytical Bibliography of the Shahnameh, Between 1925-1988: Based on Reception Aesthetics    Ph.D    Dadvar, Naghme    2014-02-09
31    The comparison between the 1096 version of Shah-nameh and applied manuscripts in Khaleghi-e Motlagh's editing and analytical description of this manuscript (from Goshtasp kinging's story to end)    M.Sc.    Pajoohandeh, Mahdi    2013-05-26
32    structural transition of national epics after Shahname    Ph.D    khademi, Narges    2013-05-14
33    Textual Studies on Shahnama with Approaches of Visual Source    Ph.D    ,    2012-12-09
34    History of Beyhaqi and Dehkhoda Dictionary    M.Sc.    ghofrani, maryam    2012-11-18
35    The comparison between the 1096 version of Shah-nameh and applied manuscripts in Khaleghi-e Motlagh\\\'s editing and analytical description of this manuscript (until the end of Kei-Khosrow story)    M.Sc.    RAHIMI MARVI, AREZU    2012-09-16
36    Study of Persian and Egyptian point of view of six travel writer of the nineteenth century than Europe    M.Sc.    Mansoory, Seyed Amir    2012-07-15
37    the tradition of textual criticism in islamic iran    Ph.D    mojarrad, mojtaba    2012-07-15
38    The Act analysis of Farāmarz Personality in Iranian epics    M.Sc.    RAHIMI SHARBAF MOGHADDAS, TOKTAM    2012-07-01
39    Literary Reflection of Ghaznavid's Foreign policy in Beyhaqi's History based on Critical Discourse Analysis.    M.Sc.    qodsi, mohadese    2012-06-21
40    Study of cultural elements and Iranian myth in "Tafsir abol fotooh Razi" book    M.Sc.    attar, soodabeh    2012-03-23
41    Study of Mythological Structure of Sam Clan Heros'    Ph.D    haghparast, leila    2011-12-11
42    A Critical Edition of Makhzan al –Insha    Ph.D    Akbarzada, Sayeda Shokufa    2011-12-04
43    The Investigation of Formation and Evolution of Persian Realistic Novel from the Beginning to 1332    Ph.D    sadeghi, hashem    2011-11-20
44    The Edition Of Mera tol – Akhlagh And Research About It    M.Sc.    asadpoor, hanie    2011-06-19
45    A Critical Edition of Kimia-ye Sa\\    Ph.D    Saket, Salman    2011-03-15
46    Descriptive and Critical Bibliography of Articles and Essays on Shahnameh and Ferdowsi from 1371 to 1380    Ph.D    Khafi, Marzieh    2011-01-30
47    Literary analyse of Shahname`s Persian painting (with comparing the painting of two manuscripts: Baysonghori & Davari)    M.Sc.    Mahvan, Fatemeh    2010-09-22
48    Arrangement critique and study of notes and marginal notes of Mahmood Farrokh in literary and historical text.    M.Sc.    MOJARRAD, MOJTABA    2010-09-01
49    Critical Study of the selections of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh    M.Sc.    ROOHOLAMINI, ZAHRA    2009-07-07